How to optimize your advertising for valet podiums

Your business has a budget and you are looking to increase revenue. It’s always good to make sure you start the right way. In this article you will learn how to prepare your video for better pod12conversion rate of people seeing your ad to becoming actual customers. First think in the size. You have a whole screen as you can see in podiums for sale that you can use but that does’t mean your video should occupy all the space, maybe start with the basic information and then take it from there. I usually divide it in 2 parts leaving the bottom for phone number and address moving from right to left. Then think in white space, leaving a white background helps the eyes to rest making it easier for reading from far away, but if white is used as color for the back of the design or video it’s a good idea to use font colors like black, red with no shadows please! purple, blue but not yellow or light bright colors because this will make it hard to read from far away.

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