Be careful with dead trees

It can occur whenever, storm or no tempest. One of our own, Juan Patino was driving home from work the other night and a tree fell and hit his auto sticking him into his seat. It was an extensive biting the dust/dead Red Oak that tumbled from a decent separation from the street. 30 great samaritans lifted the extensive trunk off the auto to help spare his life. I compose this post as an attention to tell drivers to know about dead/passing on trees in oceanside tree removal , while they are driving. Particularly in thick tree ranges. This particular occurrence occurred in Rock Creek Park.

This happens more regularly than anybody might want. It can occur in a brief moment, so in some cases it can even happen to the most mindful driver. Be that as it may, it doesn’t hurt to be additional mindful, particularly in tempests, and when driving in thick tree covering zones where the street leads!

Juan  is in our contemplations and petitions. He has a split in his skull and neck, we are as yet getting subtle elements on how he is getting along however he doesn’t have development in his arm and leg.


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